Admission to school:

Admission to the school is open to all depending upon the availability of seats, provided that the students have to qualify in the eligibility test conducted by the school

For admission to Class I and II eligibility test is not prescribed.

Children seeking admission to LKG should have completed 3 years of age and those seeking admission to Class I should complete 5 years as on Ist June of the year of admission.

Birth Certificate (in original and an attested copy) is compulsory at the time of admission.

In cases of admission to classes II onwards the students should bring TC, Conduct Certificate and progress report issued by the last school studied.

Application form for admission and the Prospectus can be had from the school office.


Registration for admission:

Advance registration for admission can be made from the middle of every academic year. Registration will not reserve the right for admission.

Transfer certificate from school:

Application for TC should be submitted before the authorities 7days in advance. The TC shall be issued to a student only after he/she clears the dues towards the school.

Fee and mode of payment:

School collects minimum fee from students to meet the recurring expenditure involved in running the school. The fee should be paid quarterly on or before 5th of May , August, November and February. Fee can be paid as a single annual premium in advance for which a 5% concession is allowed.

Uniform and dress code:

School prescribes uniform dress code. Students should compulsorily be in proper uniform during school hours as well as during events conducted in school.


Strict discipline is insisted in school to maintain the high standard of learning and decorum and dignity. In the event of a student found repeating indiscipline despite strict warnings from the school he/she shall be expelled from school as per the rules prescribed by the school in this regard.

Promotion to higher Class:

The marks scored in the Final Examinations alone will not be the basis for promotions to higher classes. Instead, the scholastic performance of students will be assessed by awarding grades, throughout the year, “ Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Method”.

Transport facilities:

Transport facility within 20 km radius is arranged by the school in its own vehicles.


Parent Teacher Association (PTA):

School conducts periodical meetings with the PTA to receive feed backs from the parents regarding the activities in the school.

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