Mission & Vision


There are two objectives of utmost significance to be achieved;  one is to create healthy citizens for the country by inculcating in them the right kind of food habit with a view to salvaging students from junk food habit and anemic conditions, and the other is to aim at booting the scholastic excellence of the students to the highest academic peak besides developing their inner being to acquire rare virtues of self-respect and self-discipline so that they treat parents, teachers and all elders in the society with due respect and courtesy. Jyothis Central School has set a time bound and practicable schedule to achieve the above completely and successfully by 2022 when India celebrates its glorious 75th Independence

Moulding a generation most fit for the contemporary society, to its modern trends and to its ever expanding entrepreneurial prerequisites is the clear vision of JCS. In a broad sense it aims at creating self-sustaining group of employers rather than employees using determination, super human efforts and perseverance as its tools to attain the goals.

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