Mithali D–awarded the INDIAN BOOK of RECORDS

09 February, 2022


Glad to inform that a very young Jyothisian, Mithali D, studying in Class-II, has been awarded the INDIAN BOOK of RECORDS for her outstanding performance in a cluster of diverse areas of *GENERAL KNOWLEDGE both in NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL level.

Her versatility has brought her Global Fame at this tender age and Jyothis Central School, while Congratulating her on her unparalleled accomplishment, feels proud and honoured to announce the areas in which she has proved her matchless and marvellous mettle and deep devotion to acquire General Knowledge and her Confidence in Performance with Perfect Precision and Sense of Timing.

(i) Identifying 200 Country Flags in 76 Seconds.

(ii) Reciting States and Capitals of India in 20 Seconds.

(iii) Reciting 14 Districts of Kerala in 4 Seconds.

(iv) Reciting Capitals of 196 Countries in 194 Seconds.


Born to highly educated Parents, Mithali is set to scale higher altitudes in her life and this achievement can be considered only as the FIRST STEP TO SOAR HIGH.

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